Monday, 27 July 2009

Unexpected Lull...

When we sent the letters off to all of the 92 i expected to hear back from more than half. Obviously a few will just discard them but most should respond, even if that does result in some blanket replies. I'd rather have an ignorant reply that no reply at all. At least i'd have got something!

I'm writing this really because it's been 3 days with no new mail now. I understand that most teams are busy and it could take a little while longer so it's about playing the waiting game at the moment, but with so many teams still to respond i'm hoping that what we've recieved so far isn't all we're going to.

The last responses we recieved were from Tottenham and West Brom. Spurs sent us a blanket (which was nice) but West Brom have asked us to contact them closer the time to arrange access to the stadium.

Here's hoping for a good couple of weeks now.

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