Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Plenty to talk about..

I took it upon myself to start emailing all the clubs we're yet to hear from to make sure they'd recieved the letters we sent and to see if they're dealing with the requests we've posed to them. Most of the clubs that have responded haven't actually seen the letters but were more than happy to deal with the request over email. Brentford, Peterborough United, Leicester City, Derby County, Sheffield United, Hull City, Bury, Bournemouth and Reading were all very friendly and welcoming and happy for us to visit them with access inside the stadium. Gillingham finally got back to us but unfortunately they'll be no one at the ground on the Sunday we're there and as such are unable to help. I'm not overly dissappointed with this though because it was partially expected. It's also the first time i've ever recieved any form of response from the Gills. Previous letters and emails have always gone un-answered regardless of the subject.

Another reply came in just before lunch time today from Arsenal. Generally very good with charity requests and helping towards whatever cause you're raising for, I expected something a little more than we got. The mail from the clubs official charity representative basically just said 'no' on all counts. No access to the stadium, no donation and no help with parking. It took a further 3 emails back and forth to even get a suggestion of where we could park. Photo's outside and off to our hotel that evening.

However, the email replies have been topped by Preston North End. We've been planning on visiting Deepdale on the middle weekend of the tour to see them play Swansea City and as such our letter suggested so. A very friendly guy called Ilyas responded to us and confirmed we had been given 2 free tickets to the game and how to collect them. It's a game we're looking forward to because we've never seen a game at Deepdale and now that the fourth stand has been completed it's quite an impressive stadium as you can see in the picture above.

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