Sunday, 19 July 2009

7 weeks and counting

It's coming around quite quickly now. Things are happening, and at the end of the month i'll be starting to really push the donation side of things. I've said on numerous occasions that the amount we raise is of little consequence and although I still firmly believe that, I obviously want to raise as much as possible. The balance as of 10pm this evening is just £60. However, that's £60 that I haven't asked anybody to donate. At the start of August i'll be taking sponsorship sheets in to work and then we'll see how much is feasibly possible to colate.

3 more replies came in over the weekend. Burnley and Wycombe both confirmed that we can visit and have our photo's taken inside the stadium which is great, whilst Bolton said that although they have a game on the weekend we'll be visiting, if we were to phone closer to the time they should be able to accomodate entry. All in all, these were 3 very welcomed responses and the first 2 from Premier League clubs. Bolton also confirmed that they will be donating an item and when we speak to them closer to the date, they'll confirm exactly what that is. Very good news.

It'll be interesting to see how many teams fail to reply. In theory, emails should be easier to reply to but that thought has already been blown out of the water by Barnsley who replied to the letter but not to numerous emails.

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