Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More responses

After watching England save the first test of the ashes against Australia at the weekend I felt like this week could be a good one. Hopeful on replies from the 92 letters I sent out, I waited with baited breath for the postman to arrive on Monday. Sure enough, he brought with him a letter from Port Vale along with another from Tranmere Rovers.

Both were rejections unfortunately. Although Tranmere's letter held me in suspense for a little longer by asking me to call them on an 0871 number to be told the bad news. To give them their due, Dawn (the Tranmere secretary) was actually very polite and apologetic about it. It's a shame though because the weekend that we're in the North West, they have a game on the Saturday and with no staff in on the Sunday we have no room to manoeuvre. It'll have to be a quick stop and go.

Port Vale's response was focused entirely on the donation side of things. They are already supporting other charities and this is something we fully expected to encounter and fully accept. However, the letter did feel a little like a blanket response because it didn't mention anything about the request for a parking space, a mention in the programme or allowing access to have our photo taken inside the ground. Whilst I appreciate that football clubs are busy, recieving a blanket response is a pet hate of mine and after taking that into account I emailed Bill Lodey (the Port Vale contact) to ask about the other requests direct. It may still be that they cant help.

Spirits were raised however by an email this afternoon from Huddersfield Town. 'Linda' wrote to us confirming the date and approximate time we'll be reaching them and granting us access to the stadium for photo's ect. A fantastic response.

Nothing from the Premier League yet. I'll update again once i have more news.

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