Friday, 31 July 2009

The influx continues...

More and more replies flooded in yesterday with Rotherham, Colchester, Cheltenham, Bradford, Cardiff, Ipswich, Notts County, Yeovil and Exeter all giving us access to the stadium with Notts Co imparticular talking about donating to the cause.

Man City started the day by emailing to say they'd be sending a piece of signed memorabilia which will be gratefully recieved! Unfortunately access to the City of Manchester Stadium is restricted on Sunday's and as such we're not able to go in.

Leeds however, became the only club of the day to turn us away without any help. A shame that we won't get to go into Elland Road but there's plenty to take pictures of outside. At least its a ground we've been to before so there's nothing we haven't already seen. Having said that, it was the coldest night i've ever been to football game on. Snow on the ground and ice everywhere. And Gillingham lost...

Of possible grounds that time restraints will allow us to go in, we're now only waiting to hear from 13. Today's a new day though and i expect a few more before the weekend.

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