Thursday, 30 July 2009

64 responses as of this morning..

Yesterday brought a lot of good news, and a little bit of bad.

Morecambe, Doncaster, Darlington, Chesterfield, Stoke and Swindon all confirmed we could visit and be taken pitchside for a photo. Manchester United replied confirming that in theory it was possible but i'm just awaiting confirmation from the stadium manager. And Liverpool told us that if we could visit on a weekday there wouldn't be any problems accomodating us but on a matchday or weekend it's not possible. I sent another email to them to ask if there was any special dispensations that may be allowed but i'm not keeping my hopes up.

Tottenham, unfortunately, are closed on the Sunday we visit and as such cannot help, but Oldham Athletic have shown the way with a great email from Lois Best. Oldham are also closed on Sundays but, Lois has given us her mobile number and asked us to call her on the day. If she's free she'll come and open the ground for us. Customer Service of the highest level!

Leyton Orient, although closed on the Sunday, have donated a signed shirt to put towards the fundraising. Very impressed with the response from them. They were interested in the tour and determined to do whatever they could to help. Looking forward to seeing what today brings.

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