Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Done now. No going back..

Ok, i took the plunge yesterday and bought the iPhone 3gS. So far so good. Everything seems to be working absolutely perfectly, i've downloaded a load of apps that should be incredibly helpful for our journey and even managed to work out how to use most of the features entirely on my own (google).. I'll let you know of any future developments on the phone front but for now, all news is good news.

Incredible weekend of sport I had. Pool on Friday night and Saturday lunch time, Darts Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, cricket and obviously the Wimbledon finals as well. On that note, I felt for Andy Roddick on Sunday. He put up one hell of a fight. More so than anyone expected. I think he'd have beaten anyone else the way he was playing including Nadal but Federer just took everything he threw at him and kept giving it back. Full credit to surely the greatest tennis player of all time.

Also, the letters to all 92 teams went this morning. I expect replies to start flooding back in the next couple of weeks. Actually, I really dont know what to expect. Anything i get back as long as it's polite will be greatfully appreciated. I'll keep the blog updated with the responses.

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