Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Calm after the storm..

Well, it wasn't exactly a storm, but since i last blogged i've had a few more responses from the 92. Aldershot sent a short reply (on a compliment slip) confirming the date and time we're arriving and advising us to seek out the groundsman who should be able to show us around. Which was nice. Chelsea sent a rejection letter. Unfortunately it was quite a poor response from one of the biggest clubs in the world. They sent a blanket reply, as a few teams have, and in doing so failed to answer all but 1 of the several questions I asked in the letter. I've said before that i've got no problem with clubs not being able to donate, that's something they're asked to do a lot of and something most, if not all, do a lot of. But i dont see why it's so difficult to actually reply to someone's letter directly. If someone's taken the time to write to the club and they've done everything correctly and professionally, sent it on the charities letter head and all, I just feel they let the public relations of the club down by sending responses like that.

However, that was the only 'Dear Mr Court, Unfortunately' letter i've recieved this week.

Middlesbrough sent along a football signed by the team along with a very welcoming letter providing us with details about parking and confirming that we can take photo's inside the Riverside. A fantastic effort from a team that, having just been relegated, are going through quite a sticky patch right now. I barely had time to sit revelling in telling the family about the first piece of signed memorabilia to be donated before another response came in.

Accrington Stanley emailed me early on Tuesday morning to say that access to the stadium would be fine. They then went on to ask if we would be able to get to the game they're playing on the Friday night before we'd be visiting them as they'd be more than happy to sort out a couple of tickets for us to see the game along with a spot on the pitch at half time to promote the cause. If that wasn't enough, they are also putting a mention in the programme about the website and donation page, presenting us with a couple of tickets to auction to help raise money and on top of all of that, they donated £10 directly into the tothe92 justgiving account. What more could you possibly ask for?

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