Friday, 3 July 2009

No more thoughts...

The dillema of the past few months has revolved around the phone i'm going to upgrade to. This phone is ultimately going to responsible for getting my Dad and I to and around all the 92 football grounds and numerous other places during those 12 days in September. So it has to be the 'right' phone.

I've been torn between the new iPhone 3Gs and the Nokia N97. I hear nothing but good things about the iPhone but i've always been a bit of a Nokia fan so i ignored the reviews of the N97 with reports of sluggishness with the operating system and went and tried it out myself. I was impressed. And the salesman obviously works his pitch very well because by the end of the demonstration he was giving I was almost ready to buy it. That said, by the time i'd got back home i'd talked myself out of it again and I was back to square one.

Today, the iPhone is supposed to be back in stock. If it is, i'll get down there this afternoon and upgrade. There's reasons i shouldn't such as the camera only being a 3.2 megapixel but there's just so many reasons that counter act. The ability to utilise the bigger screen as a satnav will be very handy as will the apps to edit and amend dns and ftp data so i can update the website whilst we're away. I'm sure you can do this on the N97 but it's not easily accesible or easy to find out the details.

So by about 3 o'clock i'd expect to have my new phone.. But knowing my luck, they'll be sold out again.

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