Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Still waiting for...

I've been impressed with the amount of responses we've actually recieved through email. From the 92 letters we sent out we've had just 17 come back. Compare that to the 80 odd emails I sent, where we're now just waiting to hear from 15 teams. And only 9 of those are possibles for going and having our photo taken inside due to the time factor.

Of the teams we're yet to hear anything from, there are 3 Premier League, 4 Championship, 4 League One and 4 League Two outfits. Quite an even split. But when you actually think about it, why haven't we heard anything from these teams? One of the premier league sides are a very good mid table team with a large fan base. They should be responding to letters and emails. To give credit to them, their football in the community officer has been helping me to try and get an answer out of them for a good month or so now but still nothing.

Just waiting and seeing must be the order of the day. There's a month and 2 days to go. Plenty of time.

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