Monday, 24 August 2009

Another loss for The Gills...

As I said in my last blog, things are a little quiet at the moment with regards the tour. I've contacted West Ham United today regarding a donation and i'm waiting to hear back from them. They asked me to get in touch with them 2 weeks before the tour to see if they're able to help. Here's hoping they are. They've certainly been more helpful thus far than any of the other Premier League London sides we're visiting that weekend. Tottenham are closed, Arsenal simply refused to help and were unfortunately very poor throughout communication, Chelsea cant help and Fulham simply haven't replied. Saying that, the Arsenal response has to be the best. Unable to help because they only support one charity a year. This year they're supporting Great Ormond Street.... The same charity we're collecting for.

Away from the tour, Gillingham slumped to a 3rd straight defeat at home to Hartlepool at the weekend. A poor performance has led to a few rumbles of criticism... I won't add my voice to the doubters yet. Stimson's done a good job in charge of the Gills and I expect Priestfield to become a difficult place for teams to visit again before long. That said, we're in 20th position at the moment. And i'll settle for that come May.

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