Thursday, 6 August 2009

A big reply

A response this morning from the stadium manager at Manchester United confirmed we're allowed access to have photo's taken inside the stadium. Although some of the bigger teams have been good to us, United are the only "top 4" team that have been willing and able to assist. Liverpool said that weekends are problems and for that reason are unable to help but Chelsea and Arsenal were just poor. Plain and simple. Not a good example to set.

I've since found out that Arsenal support one main charity every year and this was an excuse used at to why they were unable to help us. However, the charity they're raising for this season is Great Ormond Street! The same charity we're collecting for... Incredible.

Still no luck from any of the other teams though. I've now got phone numbers and contacts for most of the left over teams though and during the next week or so i'll start calling them to see if we can arrange anything.

I've been reading a lot of websites, going through experiences of people that have either done the tour or just visited a lot of grounds in the past. Some helpful, some not. But it has struck me, just how different one persons experience of a club can be to another. An example i'll use is my home town club, Southend United. 2 of the reviews talk about the poor quality of the stadium and over zealous security once inside, whilst another praises from start to finish. It really is just people's opinions and i'm sure i'll give a few that others wont agree with.

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