Thursday, 13 August 2009

13 to go...

Just 13 clubs still to hear from. And of those 13, only 5 are possibles for ground entry.

We've now heard back from all 20 Premier League teams with the exception of one. The London based team will be chased up in the next few days and although the early morning visit would restrict any chance of ground entry, there may be a possible donation available.

Blackburn responded yesterday allowing us access to Ewood Park despite the fact that we'll be arriving after office hours. We've been given the number for the security team who'll come and let us in. A great effort when you take into account the teams that have said no to access, even during working hours..

Sunderland, were unable to grant access during the day, which is actually a real shame. It's one of the grounds i've been really looking forward to visiting for a long time. I'm hopeful that on the day they may take pity and let us in for a very quick photo. They did make up for it however, by sending along with the letter, a photograph of the Stadium of Light autographed by Niall Quinn. Another item to help with the fundraising.

I'm sure i've written this a hundred times already but it just seems to be getting closer and closer so quickly. Hope it doesn't go as fast once the tour begins!

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