Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Getting better all the time

It's about to get very busy. This week has brought responses from Everton, Yeovil and West Ham. Everton and Yeovil confirming entry to the stadium along with donations to boot, whilst the Hammers are trying to sort out a signed pennant and have advised us to speak with security on the day we arrive with regards to entry. All very friendly and helpful!

Things are going to start picking up again next week though. I've got 22 clubs to confirm details of our visits with although most of them simply want to know that we're still coming so they can make the necessary arrangement to accompany us when we arrive.

I've been asked in recent weeks about the grounds i'm looking forward to visiting most. It's a difficult question and one that i've probably answered differently every time. And I've certainly shocked a few with my replies.. Accrington, Bradford, Cardiff and Doncaster to name just a few. I've been to a lot of the bigger grounds and some have put me off by the incredible lack of customer service and support. That said, I've been to Old Trafford on many occasions but they've been incredibly helpful and the stadium manager is going to meet us on the day and take us round. It's acts of kindness like that, which will make the trip into the once in a lifetime journey it's going to be.

With so much to look forward to , I know it's going to fly by. Fortunately, i've got enough sd cards for my camera to take 7000 photos. Should be enough...

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