Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ready to go again?

Back to work and the normal day to day life has brought me down from the cloud i'd been floating on for the previous two weeks. But, over the past couple of days i've set about emailing all the clubs that helped to make our tour as memorable as it was along with many of the individuals. I sent a quick thank you note simply letting them know that we completed the tour in the scheduled time and that their help was hugely appreciated and helpful in allowing us to see and learn as much as we did.

Since sending them, I've had good responses back from many of the clubs wishing us well for the future and congratulations etc. But a few have gone a step further and overed to bring us back to see a game as their guests with complimentary tickets and all. Those clubs are Rotherham United, Morecambe, Bradford City, Leyton Orient, Cardiff City, Bolton Wanderers, Hull City, Birmingham City and Manchester United.

United have already done a huge amount for us so to recieve an email back offering us the chance to return for a game it was quite overwhelming. Tony Kelly at Bolton was a great character. He donated towards our cause, showed us round and offered us the tickets with red carpet treatment! I'll settle for a good seat and a few goals, but it'll be good to meet up with him again and at the very least buy him a drink and listen to a few more of his memories from previous games.

The security officer at Leyton Orient is a guy named Chris and since he sent us the signed shirt we've talked a lot about our clubs. He's invited us up to the Matchroom Stadium for the Gillingham game and we've also talked about meeting up to see a game at Priestfield as he used to stand on the Rainham End as a kid.

Over the next few days we'll be busy, fixture lists in hand, working out which games we can go to see and when. It would be good to try and fit in two or preferably three in a weekend. But we'd have to be extremely lucky to work that in our favour. That said, we'll have a lot of fun trying.

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