Wednesday, 2 September 2009

On the Radio...

On Saturday my Dad and I will be following up the initial radio interview with Phoenix FM promoting the tour, which I did a few weeks back. We'll be visiting the station's offices in Brentwood. Actually doing interviews on the radio doesn't fluster me, but they have a live stream online complete with webcam at That does worry me slightly. That said, i've really got to get used to it quickly because in just over 9 days, we'll be standing out on the pitch at Accrington Stanley with a few thousand people to talk to.

Tottenham have given us a lifeline. Originally they were unable to help as the ground was closed on Sunday's. However, apparently they're now having some building work done and as such will be open for a period of time over the weekend and if we turn up during that period, they'll be happy to let us in to have a picture in the stadium.

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