Saturday, 5 September 2009

1 more sleep..

The tour starts tomorrow! Infact, by this time tomorrow we'll be settling into our hotel room in London having ticked off 10 of the 92 grounds. Hopefully..!

Today's been more interesting than it should have been though. Avis called this morning to let us know that our hire car was ready to collect. However, they were supposed to be delivering it. That wasn't the issue though. The problem was, they now no longer had a catogory car equivalent to the one we had booked and were therefore going to have to downgrade us. £5 off didn't seem like enough for the change but we'll sort that out when we get back. We've been given a Ford Focus 1.6. Looks very nice and I certainly cant complain because it's a very smooth drive with a fair bit of kick to it, but it's not what we were promised and after the post I put on here praising them and how helpful they were I feel I should backtrack slightly. From my experiences in trying to hire a car of a certain size for 12 days, dont bother. It's probably easier to buy a car, use it for the time you need it and then take it back... Less annoyance, less problems and you're always in control!

After collecting the car we made our way up to Brentwood as we were booked in as guests on Steve Robertson's Saturday Kick About radio show on Phoenix FM. We had a little bit of trouble finding the studio, mainly due to my sense of direction (bodes well for the tour) but we got there in the end and had a great time. Just seeing how the inside of a radio station works was a lot of fun and learning just how clever some of the systems are, allowing just one person to run an entire show alone was a real eye opener.

We talked about the tour and the fundraising aspect. It was really pleasing to be able to say how much we've raised. When I first set all of the promotional sites up I set a modest target of £500. I expected to reach that and as long as I did i'd be more than happy. Since then, things changed slightly and my Dad became involved. Both he and my Mum have helped with collecting sponsors and some of the people at work have been tremendous at guilt tripping a few others into signing my sheets too!

As of today, we have officially raised £1025! Over double the original target. On top of that figure, we have all the items that football clubs have sent us. Signed shirts, photos, balls and tickets to games for all different teams will hopefully help dwarf that original £500 mark!

Early night I think!

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  1. Best of luck Stu & Steve! Looking forward to the updates and photos.