Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Reviewing my Predictions at the 2 month stage....

Apologies for the lack of bloggin in recent times. Since returning from the tour, i've spent every spare moment updating and uploading bits to the tour website. All photos are edited and online now. The Ted on Tour section is complete and approximately 30 of the 92 teams have been finished along with the description, parking availability, stadium reviews and ratings. Please have a look and let me know what you think. http://www.tothe92.co.uk Just remember it's a working progress still!

I've had a quick look back through my predictions made before the opening day of the season and decided to see how they were doing.

Below are my original predictions along with the current positions..

Premier League

Winners - Chelsea
Not looking bad at the moment. Top by a couple of points. 10/10

Runners-Up - Man Utd
Looking good. Traded places with Chelsea over the past few weeks but currently sitting in 2nd. 10/10

Relegation - Burnley, Portsmouth and Hull City
Well Portsmouth are struggling both on and off the field which suggests that this was a good prediction. Hull City aren't pulling up any trees either, but Burnley are leading the way for the so called lesser teams in the division this year. However, they currently sit 9th after a very good start, but how many people expect this to last? Remember Hull's collapse last year? 8/10

Winner - Newcastle United
Currently atop the table and playing some very good football 10/10

Runners-Up - West Brom
Also playing some good stuff, trailing the Toon by 3 points in second place. 10/10

Play Off Winners - Derby County
One of my less predictable predictions here. And it's proving to be just that. Derby sit in 17th at present but I fully expect a good push after Christmas. Nigel Clough won't accept his team playing this poorly for the rest of the season. Be interesting to see if any money is thrown at the situation in January.

Relegation - Scunthorpe, Blackpool and Barnsley
Blackpool sit just 1 point from the play-offs and have played some very exciting football this year. They'll need a good Winter period in my mind to stop a rot from setting in during the new year. Scunthorpe and Barnsley sit 1 point outside the relegation zone at the moment so they're close, but not in. 5/10

League One
Winners - Leeds United
Very very strong this season. I couldn't see anyone else taking the title from Leeds this year and still cant. 10/10

Runners-Up - Charlton Athletic
Expected them to be close to Leeds and they're closer than I thought. 2 points behind and having played a game more suggests they'll struggle to catch the runaway train from Elland Road. 10/10

Play Off Winners - Southampton
Ok, so this ones looking unlikely. Having said that, they've won their last 2 games quite convincingly and if they continue in that vain of form then you never know. 3/10

Relegation - Swindon, Brighton, Exeter and Stockport
Brighton are my only prediction actually in the bottom 4 at present. However, Southampton are still in there and wont be soon, Tranmere have finally gotten rid of John Barnes and will soon start to progress up the league whilst Stockport and Swindon in my mind are punching well above their weight. I think when i do another update in January, things might have a distinctly different complexion.

League Two
Winners - Notts County
Not firing on all cylinders as yet. But they're not really losing ground either. I expect a strong push after Christmas culminating in the title going to Meadow Lane. 6/10

Runners-Up - Lincoln City
Not looking likely at the moment is it.. 17th and playing worse than at anytime in the past few seasons. A run of wins could do wonders for the confidence of the players but can anyone seeing it happening? 2/10

Promotion - Bradford City
Just outside the play-offs at the moment. I expect a push sooner rather than later and they may even take that runners-up spot. 5/10

Play Off Winners - Burton Albion
Also just outside the play offs. Nobody expected Burton to be challenging for anything but relegation this year. Knew I should have taken those odds at the start of the season!

Relegation - Barnet and Macclesfield
Barnet are a team I have a soft spot for. I dont want to see them go down and by the looks of the start they've had, it's not very likely either. Current on the cusp of the play offs and playing some exciting stuff. Macclesfield on the other hand haven't surprised anyone and lie just above the relegation zone. A long season awaits. 4/10

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