Monday, 29 June 2009

Sometimes, it really is who you know and not what...

I spoke to a very helpful guy called Nick a couple of weeks ago. He toured round the 92 grounds for charity a couple of years ago and did a lot of the same things i'm doing. Letters to teams etc. I talked to him about teams i'd recieved negative responses from and he suggested sending the email to the football in the community (fitc) department at all the clubs including the ones i've already recieved negative feedback from. There's only 2 clubs that have really fallen into that category but thanks to Nick's advice, i've just been able to take one of them out of the 'reject' pile.
As i returned from lunch today I noticed an email from a League Two side that had earlier said no chance of any help and been very rude in the process. The reply from the FITC department said to just arrive on the day and come into reception between 10 and 4 and we'll be happy to let you into the ground. Amazing what sending the same message to a different person can achieve..

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