Friday, 12 June 2009

Good news and crazyness..

We'll start with the good news. Accrington Stanley have been given a stay of execution after HM Revenue and Customs accepted an offer from the club to pay back £300,000 in outstanding tax money over the course of the next 12 months.. It makes things a lot easier for me thats for sure. Our tour around the 92 will rely on things going our way and generally going exactly to plan. We have a little leeway but not a lot. The hassle that could have been caused by them going out of business and another team being brought into the league could have been a disaster. An alternative might have been to not replace them for this season... I'd have had to change everything to be called 'Journey to the 91'.
Doesn't have the same ring to it...

And now the crazy news.
Kaka going to Madrid seemed like good business for all involved. Kaka moved to the 'Glacticos', Madrid got their man for £56 million and Milan got the £56 million. But it still seems like a lot of money doesn't it? Well it did, until news emerged yesterday of Manchester United accepting an £80 million bid for Ronaldo. Also from Madrid! Does the recession mean nothing to these people??
I'm just waiting for them to go back for pre-season training now. Imagine a collision between Kaka and Ronaldo resulting in both being injured for 6 months.. £136m down the swanney.....

It could happen.

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