Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Yesterday was quite an exciting day. I arrived at work to find an email waiting for me from the editor of Kent News Online. Being big Gillingham fans, I guess he stumbled across one of my sites promoting the tour whilst looking for news to do with the Gills or the local area. Anyway, he asked one of us to call him as he'd like to feature us in the paper next week. I phoned him today and we had a long talk about what we're doing and why. The story will be in the paper Wednesday after next. I've asked him to send us a copy as it'll be the first piece of media interaction we'll have done towards the tour. I already have phone and radio interviews with Phoenix fm planned for September and expect a lot more to happen between now and then. I notice that i'm being followed on twitter now by a BBC news correspondent, the voice of West Ham United and another sports journalist.

It's exciting, and getting closer every day!

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