Thursday, 25 June 2009

Politeness costs nothing

I'm well aware that i wont get positive responses from each of the 92 clubs, but politeness isn't too much to ask for. So far all i've done is request a contact name to send the letters to and a few clubs have given very blunt, blanket replies that have nothing to do with my request. It's a shame that some clubs cant even send a polite email back explaining why they cant help.
One reply said that my email had been given individual consideration and unfortunately they were unable to donate at this time. My email asked about a parking space and having our photo taken in the ground. Nothing to do with any kind of donation. Very very poor and these clubs will be named after the tour.
Southampton on the other hand proved just how easy it is and exactly how a club should be. "Just come in to reception and we'll let you into the ground to have your photo taken". They even talked about donating. This is from a club going through a huge take over and suffering serious financial problems. A credit.

Elsewhere, it'll be interesting to see how the ESPN - Setanta takeover goes. If ESPN start trying to charge £12.99 like Setanta did, are people going to pay it? And if they do only charge that much, is it enough to keep them in profit?

Also, my local newspaper contacted me yesterday enquiring about doing a piece about our tour. Really starting to pick up on that front so it'll be good to get the shirts embroidered so any media photo's can have those in them. Very impressed with the company i've used for the shirts so far. The shirt i've ordered should be here in the next couple of days. I'll post a picture of the finished article.

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