Sunday, 17 May 2009

Good seats?? ..

Well, Saturday came and went pretty quickly. We were down in Gillingham at 11am and in the ground queueing soon after. Tickets didn't go on general sale until 3pm so we knew we were in for a long wait but with approximately 500 people infront of us already, the decision to go early seemed justified.

The picture above was taken at around 2pm looking across the Gordon Road stand where they were housing the ticket line. Each block was seen to row by row in order. I estimate about 2500 were in the stand at the time of this photo so how many tickets were left for todays sale period is anyone's guess.

Having queued for over 3 and a half hours, we reached the front. We'd been warned in advance that we wouldn't be able to choose seats, just the price block we wanted to sit in. However, it wasn't quite as strict as that. We said which price band we wanted and after refusing the first set of tickets, the sales clerk helpfully wandered off and got a selection of which we picked what we considered to be the best of the bunch. We're going to be sitting 4-5 rows above the scoreboard, directly behind the goal. Saturday simply can't come quick enough now!

Being stuck in the queue for as long as we were wasn't actually as bad as it sounds. There were training matches going on and first team players out signing autographs and having photo's taken. Also, i had the chance to take a selection of photo's around the ground to test out the panoramic photo maker that's made to look simple by the 7 year old on the microsoft advert. I was thoroughly shocked to find out just how easy it is. I took 5 photo's of 3 stands, highlighted all of them in windows live gallery and clicked 'make'. About 20 seconds later it came back with a stunning panoramic image of all 5 photo's stitched together. I'm sure this technique will come in handy in September and for now at least, i dont feel like the 7 year old is technically superior to me...

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