Thursday, 28 May 2009

At least 14 daylight hours...?

As mentioned in an earlier blog, one thing i'm determined to see on this tour is the home of the worlds oldest football team, Sheffield FC. Since then, i've been making a list of bits and pieces to see and get pictures of, at or near, each of the 92 grounds. Other bits i'm looking forward to seeing include the statue at West Ham of the World Cup winning trio from 1966, the Best, Law and Charlton statue outside Old Trafford and the Ayresome Park gates at Middlesbrough.

There's lots of other points of interest that i've already seen, but am looking forward to visiting again. The Hillsborough Memorials at Sheffield Wednesday and Liverpool are very moving, the Shankley statue and You'll never walk alone gates outside Anfield and the Bobby Moore statue and White Horse bridge at Wembley are all fantastic tributes and talking points..I've also got the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham town centre and the Duncan Edwards statue in Dudley down on my list. I was surprised that the statue of Clough wasn't outside the ground but it's close enough to fit a visit in before moving on to the next of the 92.

There's a surprising amount of things to see on this trip. i'm beginning to wonder if 12 days is going to be enough. 8 grounds and 220 miles a day on average and if you add to that 7 or 8 items of interest (more on some days) we might be hoping for a few more daylight hours..

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