Tuesday, 5 May 2009

All roads lead to Wembley....... hopefully.

On Thursday, Gillingham play away to Rochdale in the League 2 play off semi final 1st leg. We won at Rochdale on Saturday, the final game of the season. Hopefully it's a good omen. When it comes to play off semi's, we generally have a good record. Fingers crossed we keep that up and book a return to Wembley on Saturday May 23rd.

Over the weekend, i sat down with my Dad and looked at the route round the league grounds. We're quite confident now that we have the best route although on some of the days we'll need nature to do us a favour and things to go our way. The tour will now officially take 12 days.

We booked up the hotels on Friday so there's no backing out now. We have to go a certain way and hope that nothing goes overly wrong. We've got contingency plans for most days but if we're going to get to see all the grounds in the day time it could still end up being a push.

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