Sunday, 24 May 2009

Big day..

Having only really started to come down from the jubilation of yesterday, it's difficult to relate to the pictures i've witnessed on tv today. Millwall coming from a goal down to lead 2-1, only to eventually lose 3-2 to Scunthorpe in the League 1 Play off final, you had to feel for them. Being a Gillingham fan, there's an obvious rivalry between the two clubs, but that can resume next season. For now, it's just a case of knowing how they're feeling, having been in the same boat in 1999.

Watching Newcastle suffer the agony of relegation to the Championship this afternoon made for interesting viewing too. I like seeing big teams relegated, if for no other reason than to see a few different and new teams in the Premier League. For too many years now, it's been the same teams yo-yo'ing up and down. Sunderland and West Brom for example. It's just nice to see a change.
That said, i'm sure Newcastle will bounce back next year. They're a huge side with an incredibly loyal following of fans. That alone could be enough to drag them back to the big time.

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