Monday, 26 October 2009

Thoughts and Plans and 2nd thoughts...

The plan has always been to turn into a football stadium guide website after the tour was over and people had taken the opportunity to look at our reviews and photos from our 12 days away. I've started making a list of bits and pieces that'll be needed in order to make the site competitive with other guides available on the web. The informative by Duncan Adams is far and away the best currently in circulation and the only two things I think could be improved on his site is the amount of content and how it looks to the viewer. There's far more content than is needed although some people will certainly find it interesting, as an away day hand book, there's more than is required. Visually, I think it's as basic a site as you can get which does the job but, to a web designer like myself, it would be very simple to make it much more aesthetically pleasing. Those two minor points aside, I cant begin to compete with the marvel that Duncan has created.

What I would like to do is gather together a list of bits that fans, both home and away, would like to see and would find useful to look at when they're planning a trip to their next stadium. I've thought of things like directions, pubs and bars, the food at the stadiums, car parking, a map of the area, the stands at the stadium, where the away fans sit, where the noisiest fans sit, things to see, things to avoid and i'm sure there's other bits that i've missed..

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts please let me know and i'll do my best to include them.

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